As dry, hot summer is soaring, and the city is facing a water crisis, the BWSSB engineer in Unaccounted for Water wing has so far booked 20 cases in last three months for stealing water by taking illegal connections from the main pipeline.


The owners usually cheat the BWSSB by attaching t-channel and extra pipes. This cannot be detected easily as the extra pipes are below the ground and to avoid getting caught, the owners draw water from legal connections for few hours before switching to the illegal connection.


To avoid the menace in coming days, “the Unaccounted for Water wing’s squad members will go on rounds on early morning or late evening and identify the houses which will be drawing more water through an illegal connection. In most of the cases, the neighbours will also inform. In few cases, we will check the illegal connections as there will be leakage on the roadside," said Amrutesh, In-charge, Unaccounted for Water wing.


He further added that the stealing of water will be more in summer as there will be a drop in the water supply. Big houses, apartment complexes and hotels are under BWSSB scanner as they require more water as compared to other establishments. "The public will pay ₹20 per one-litre bottle, but when BWSSB gives over 500 litres for that amount, they try to cheat. This very sad," he said.


Engineer-in-Chief, BWSSB who has instructed the engineers to impose a hefty penalty for such owners, said, "Underwater act, the criminal case will be booked for owners for stealing water, but we cannot stop giving water as it is a basic need. The squad will be sent to extension areas as there is no one to monitor," he said.


Earlier in 2015, the BWSSB had imposed over ₹5 lakh penalty on Nandhini hotel in RT Nagar for illegally drawing water from BWSSB pipe.