VIjayalakshmi Shibaroor in her investigative Cover Story has found that plastic milk is being sold in Bengaluru. This milk contains animal skin and chemicals and is available in the market and is being sold as the cow milk. The state borders have become the den of manufacturing centres for plastic milk.


This milk is prepared with the help of a fibre plate and powder used to make utensils which is also known as melamine. Melamine is basically a chemical used in manufacturing plastics, adhesives and industrial coatings.


A study conducted by JAMA Internal Medicine and published in the found the health problems by eating in the plates made of melamine. The study found that those who consumed hot food from the plates made of melamine had melamine particles in their urine. 


If this is the danger of eating from the plates made of melamine, just imagine the impact it will have when melamine is added in your drink, and you consume it directly.


This plastic milk has melamine, gum, protein extracted from animal skin and hair and vanaspati. Consuming this milk is found to be harmful especially for kids and their kidney.


Many such manufacturing units are mushrooming as it is cost-effective. By just spending Rs 20 to Rs 30 they make thousands of rupees profit. This milk is even used to prepare tea and coffee. Surprisingly, this plastic milk could not be differentiated from the real milk.


This milk is being sold in hotels, tea shops at many places in Bengaluru, says Vijayalakshmi Shibaroor.