The video of Tumakuru farmers jumping into the Hemavathi Channel at Tumakuru in Karnataka has gone viral. Surprisingly, the Turuvekere MLA MT Krishnappa is seen instructing the farmers to jump into the channel which is brimming with flowing water.

The Turuvekere MLA was standing on the banks of the channel and was asking the farmers to jump. The farmers are staging a protest demanding water supply for their agricultural produce as there is scanty rainfall this year. It was also seen that the farmers were crying for help once in the water.

It can be noted that there are no safety measures nor any safety tools including boats kept to save the farmers, in case the force of water flows into the channel increases.

It clearly looks like a suicidal attempt, and it is sad that politicians are using this as a publicity stunt. The leader who was supposed to try to save his people himself is pushing them to the door of death.

Making farmers jump into flowing water will not bring water to the needy. The leaders are chosen so that they find a solution to people's problems and not to make people the tool of some gain.

The incident is supposed to have occurred two days ago. The farmers were staging a protest against flowing water into the Hemavathi Channel and demanded that instead of water should be supplied to them.

However, it looked like the farmers did not have any idea of the depth or the force of the flowing water. Once they jumped into it, they were shocked as they could not withstand the force of the water and were seen being washed away.

When they were shouting for help, the MLA was seen encouraging their act instead of trying to bring them out of the water, safe.

Here is the shocking video: