The highly decomposed body of Kumari, a resident of Kengeri, was found stuffed in a cupboard that was plastered with cement and painted red. The crime came to light after the house owner Naveen sensed foul smell coming from the cupboard. He informed the police who later broke open the cupboard.

Police caught Nandish, 21, a resident of Kumbalgodu and an accomplice in the murder. 

According to the information provided by him, in August last year, Shashikala, Kumari’s daughter, gave her food that Shashikala’s son Sanjay had brought from a hotel. When Kumari refused to eat it and spilt it on the floor, a furious Shashikala hit her on the head with a rolling pin several times. Kumari began bleeding profusely. However, fearing a police investigation, Shashikala did not take her mother to the hospital and let her die. 

Sanjay and his mother decided to dispose of the body and called his friend Nandish for help. They bought a drum, mud and charcoal. They placed the body in the cupboard and covered it up with mud and charcoal to prevent any foul smell. They disposed of Kumari’s blood stained clothes in the drum. However, when foul smell finally started emanating from the home, the house owner informed the police immediately.

The police have learned that the mother-son duo had planned to settle in North India. Police have formed teams to arrest them.