Karnataka became the first Indian state to come to the rescue of almost one million drought-hit farmers by crediting ₹ 671 crore of input subsidy by using their Aadhaar identity. The combination of technology and the unique identity card will now help these farmers who were affected by drought in Karnataka.


Nandan Nilekani, who was the architect of the Aadhar Card, was delighted to know about this process. Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah launched Parihara, which is a system of Direct Benefit Transfer to the farmers. He made sure that this unique initiative with the help of technology will benefit the needy farmers.


“It is wonderful to see an innovative use of Aadhaar and DBT by Karnataka Government to streamline subsidy for farmers and reduce corruption and delays,” Nandan Nilekani was quoted as saying by the Economic Times.


According to reports, a whopping 9.68 lakh farmers suffered a crop loss. Both the agriculture and the revenue departments calculated the loss. As of now, the Central government has already released a claim amount of ₹ 451 crores and the state government has added an advance of ₹ 221 crores.


“Last year, for the first time, tahsildars transferred these subsidies through RTGS. But these were still a time-consuming process, and there were always complaints about wrong people collecting the money. This year, the government has gone a step further, and released using the Aadhaar identity of farmers,” the Development Commissioner said.