What the authorities, police and successive government failed to do in the last many years, two rebel politicians did in just 10 minutes through dialogue.

The Abdul Khader Masjid in 2.1 acres at Modi Garden at DJ Halli had become a bone of contention between the  Parachute Regiment Training Center (PRTC) in Bengaluru and the locals  as a mosque was involved in this argument. 

The PRTC claimed the land as theirs, but the document says it belongs to the Wakf Board and hence it was Karnataka Government property. And the court in April 2011 had even given a verdict to maintain the status-quo, which meant that the public could use the masjid for worship. 

"The PRTC members now wanted to barricade and take the land into their possession, and hence the locals objected. As PRTC deputed more persons around the area fearing an altercation, the crowd became restless, thinking the defence personnel were ganging for fight and the atmosphere became a little tense on Wednesday, August 29. All it needed to escalate was a little provocation from anti-social elements. It would have ended in an  ugly fight between locals and the PRTC. In fact, even headlines in various publications and media reports also were on the same lines with some blaming the defence personnel. 

As the news started to flash on mobile and TV sets, JDS rebel MLA from Chamrajpet Assembly who was heading toward Bengaluru Hassan cut his journey and arrived at the spot along with another rebel Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy. "Every time there has been bitter talks and meetings about letting the public attend prayers at the 102-year-old Masjid and each time it failed. It was same with Hindus who were denied entry to the approach road to go to the temple. The commandants here were not aware of the court verdict and hence the confusion. They obliged later on and stopped constructing the barricade," said Zameer Ahmed Khan.

Khan further added that the defence personnel had given their word that they will protect religious structures and ensure peace among people. He said that every issue can be solved through dialogue.

Echoing the same Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy said that a delay in approaching PRTC and convincing them would have led to ugly scenes and taking advantage of the situation few elements would have sparked riots and arson.