During the BJP executive meeting held in Mysuru, Shobha Karandlaje had referred to Pm Narendra Modi’s statement that all organisations in the running under his name will be closed and also had said that Rayanna Brigade too is not an exception and it will be dissolved.

The Rayanna Brigade has been the main point of contention between the two BJP leaders Eshwarappa and Yeddyurappa. Now Shobha Karnadlaje’s comment has just added more flame to the ongoing fight.

Following the executive meet, Eshwarappa has reacted to Shobha’s comment and said that she has nothing to do with the Brigade. Who gave her the power to speak about the Brigade, questioned founder of the Sangolli Rayanna Brigade, and BJP leader Eshwarappa.

He even said that his relationship with Yeddyurappa was not like the relationship between India and Pakistan. Though he tried to convince media that they are not arch rivals, Yeddyurappa’s attitude towards Eshwarappa during the Mysuru meet was quite obvious. Yeddyurappa cold-shouldered the latter at many occasions.

The top BJP leaders have instructed Eshwarappa not to mix Brigade activities with the party. In fact, he has been asked not to bring the Brigade activities to the fore. His strategy to convince the top leaders that Brigade will help the BJP in getting the votes of people from backward caste has fallen on deaf ears.

Even if we believe that there is no rivalry between Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa, Shobha Karandlaje’s recent comment has had an impact on the relationship of the both.

Shobha considers Yeddyurappa as her mentor and has always been supportive of the leader. Whereas in this case already angry with Eshwarappa on his attachment to the Brigade, Yeddyurappa is likely to support Shobha’s comment.

Eshwarappa, who has spoken against Shobha will not be received well by Yeddyurappa. Thus the rift between the two has just widened, and no solution to this problem is seen even from a distance.