How far the government officials go to implement the government schemes that are meant for the benefit of the people? Officials of the Tumakuru taluk panchayat did something that many of their counterparts in other districts would seldom do.

The taluk panchayat officials were tired of educating people of Jakkenahalli in Beladhara gram panchayat in Tumakuru taluk to build toilets. No efforts could convince the villagers to build toilets in their houses.

Frustrated over this, the taluk panchayat officials under the guidance of taluk panchayat executive officer Naganna decided to stage a protest demanding the villagers agree to build the toilets. Normally, we have seen people protesting for the toilets. But here, the villagers were surprised to know that the officials were determined to have the villagers build toilets, reports Suvarna News.

What was surprising was that they were even joined the school children of the village who too had reportedly quit going to school and joined their protest.

It is reported that some of the children were upset that their family members refused to build toilets, despite their request. Their efforts to convince them with the help of teachers too went in vain. When they heard of the protest being held by the taluk panchayat officials, the children too joined the protest, it is reported.

Moved by the taluk panchayat officials' protest, the villagers have now decided to build toilets in their homes. All the 85 homes in the village will have the foundation laying ceremony for the toilets on Monday, reports Suvarna News.

In fact, recently, even Davangere Zilla Panchayat (ZP) Chief executive officer S Ashwathi too took it upon herself to build toilets when some of the residents refused to build one. After tired of convincing themselves, Ashwathi took the shovel and dug the ground all by herself forcing the residents to agree to build one.