What this B Sc student did to pay his college fees will leave you shocked!

First Published 17, Sep 2017, 1:00 PM IST
Student loots liquor outlet to pay for college fees
  • B Sc student plans to loot a liquor outlet along with his friends to pay for the course
  • Police have now arrested him and his seven friends
  • The prime accused is identified as Sindhanur Raja Srinivas Rao

We have heard stories of how some youth take up odd jobs - some are even unimaginable - to pay for their college fees, inspiring many. But here's a youth who found out a more convenient way, but is now perhaps repenting his own actions!

Bengaluru police have arrested Sindhanur Raja Srinivas Rao (20) and seven others for looting a liquor shop as Rao did not have the money to up for his college.

Sindhanur Raja Srinivas Rao was studying in a prestigious college and was in the final year of B Sc course. Although, Rao's parents lived in Andhra Pradesh, they always ensured that their son had the best of everything. They would regularly send money towards his college fees, without fail. But Rao would spend the money either on  his friends, birthday parties and other. However, this time too Rao's parents had sent the money earlier towards his college fees. But Rao had spent all of it, reports Kannada Prabha.

Now, with no money to pay the course fee - as the last date was nearing - Rao allegedly decided to loot the liquor shop along with his friends. They attacked Srinivas Wines near the Gollahalli Gate, assaulted the cashier and taken away Rs 12,000 from the outlet. Following a complaint, the Bagalur police have taken Rao and his friends into custody now.

The other arrested are Manju alias Maxi (26), Prithviraj (19), Vijay alias Viji of Yelahanka (28), Krishnamurthy alias Salam (25), Balaram (28), Bagepalli's Manikantha (26) and Nagaraj alias Kata of Devanahalli (23). Bagalur police are investigating the case.