Mincing no words to express his anger on Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, BJP state unit vice president V Srinivas Prasad called Siddaramaiah a political murderer.  "He can give 'supari' to finish anyone, politically," was how the former Congress minister reacted making his displeasure against Siddaramaiah public, reports Prajavani.

Speaking to media persons in Mysuru on Sunday, popular Dalit leader Prasad declared that his next mission was to defeat Siddaramaiah in the 2018 elections. "Siddaramaiah had spent Rs 44 crore to get 44,000 votes in Nanjangud by-election with the help of his 'servant' HC Mahadevappa," said Prasad. "Both Mahadevappa and Siddaramaiah engineered my defeat in the by-election. I will ensure that Siddaramaiah is defeated in the next 2018 election and this is my next political mission," Prasad said.

Prasad who quit Congress after he was unceremoniously dropped by the chief minister from the State cabinet, joined BJP. He had challenged Siddaramaiah in the Najangud by-polls making it a battle of prestige. However, he lost to Congress candidate Kalale Keshavamurthy by a margin of 21,334 votes.

Acknowledging the secret meeting that he had recently with former Congress leader AH Vishwanath (who is now in BJP) and JD(S) MLA GT Deve Gowda, Prasad said "We are all friends and have joined hands to defeat Siddaramaiah, who is contesting from the Chamundeshwari Assembly constituency. We want to teach him (Siddaramaiah) a lesson." 

In fact, this was not the first time that veteran Dalit leader has come out against Siddaramaiah in public. Ever since, Siddaramaiah dropped Prasad from the State cabinet last year, Prasad has been nursing a grudge against Siddaramaiah.

Earlier he had called Siddaramaiah a 'Brutus' for 'betraying' him after he was dropped from the state cabinet. Prasad had famously stated that it was him who helped Siddaramaiah when his political career was going south. "But being an opportunist, Siddaramaiah betrayed me at the fag end of my political career," Prasad had stated.

Srinivas Prasad has once known as an invincible leader thanks to his winning streak in the Mysuru-Chamarajanagar region. He had been a five-time MP, before entering the state politics from Nanjangud. Prasad has a large following of Dalits in the region.