SpiceJet flights were announcing the touchdown at Belagavi in Marathi saying ‘Belagaonla Swagath Karreth aahe.’ The Kannadigas strongly protested against this and finally SpiceJet has stopped announcing in Marathi but it does not want to announce in Kannada, reported Suvarna News.

SpiceJet started announcing in Marathi without anybody asking for it but now that pro-Kannada outfits are demanding announcement in Kannada it is resisting. That is causing unhappiness among public. Spice Jet had a service between Belagavi and Bengaluru. On Oct 4 after upgradation of the airport it introduced flights to Chennai. Soon after arriving at Belagavi from Bengaluru and Chennai the flight attendants would announce the arrival in Marathi.

Pro-Kannada activists protested that the Sambra airport at Belagavi is in Karnataka and why Marathi announcement. The airline stopped announcing in Marathi but has limited its announcements to English and Hindi, despite request for Kannada announcements. The Kannada outfits have warned of strong protest if the airline does not introduce Kannada announcement as soon as posssible.