Soon, motorists will not get petrol without helmet

Soon motorists will not get petrol without helmet
  • Currently, no helmet-no petrol rule will be implemented in Hubballi and Dharwad, Karnataka
  •  A meeting of petrol bunk owners has been organised on Tuesday
  •  If everything goes well, the new rule will be in effect from March 1

In a new campaign to ensure that motorists wear a helmet, petrol is denied to those without helmets in Hubballi and Dharwad, Karnataka.

Accordingly, CCTV cameras have been installed at most of the petrol bunks to monitor if the no helmet-no petrol rule is followed. Soon, all the petrol bunks in the twin districts will have CCTV cameras.

This campaign will kick start from March 1. The police authorities are trying to convince the petrol bunk owners to join hands with them to ensure that people will make sure they wear a helmet while driving.

But some of the petrol bunk owners have expressed doubts over this affecting their business. But the police have said that when all the bunks follow this, motorists will be left with no choice but to buy and wear a helmet if they need petrol.

A meeting of Petrol Bunk Owners will be held in the twin cities on Tuesday. If the meeting is successful, the rule will be implemented as planned.