Humiliated by BS Yeddyurappa for tarnishing his and Congress' image in the 'diary gate' scandal, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is said to have instructed Deputy Commissioner V Shankar to dig up all land records and cases involving Yeddyurappa. According to sources, the DC was summoned to the CM's house a few weeks back and was instructed to get the records to corner Yeddyurappa.


Siddaramaiah administration has been mired in one controversy after the other, and the dairy gate issue forced the government to cancel the steel bridge project.

"The scandal gave Siddaramaiah and his government a bad image. The issue also marked the arrival of strong a CM contender for 2018. Yeddyurappa being a Lingayat man, who commands more respect, will undoubtedly take more seats from north Karnataka and dented the Congress with the donation dairy expose in which top Congress leaders from Centre were named as the beneficiaries. This has put the government on the back foot and Yeddyurappa ahead," said a source.


The source also claimed that Siddaramaiah could not digest the rise of Yeddyurappa at the expense of Congress and wanted to give a fitting reply. And to do that, he summoned Shankar, Deputy Commissioner of Bengaluru and also a Kuruba community member to which the CM belongs. 


"The DC was told to crack on all the land sharks and also to check the involvement of politicians in land scams. Yeddyurappa's name was also mentioned. The DC was very busy during mid-March... he must have been busy gathering documents against Yeddyurappa," the source added.


Shankar was a Karnataka Administrative Service officer. After serving in the KAS for over 12 years, these officers will naturally be eligible for the IAS rank. It is said that the CM preferred Shankar's name to depute him as the DC of Bengaluru after DC Prakash was transferred in 2014. 


When Newsable called the DC's office for comment, the office said that he is very busy with court cases and land encroachment drives.