Manual scavenging was banned in India four years ago. But still, the inhuman practice is prevalent in 13 states of India including Karnataka. With 10,301 manual scavengers, Uttar tops the list, whereas Karnataka is in the second place with 737 manual scavengers, said Minister Gehlot.


In a shocking revelation, the Minister said that India has 12,700 manual scavengers.


“The inhuman practice was banned in 2013. But there are precisely 12,737 manual scavengers,” he said. Uttar Pradesh has 10,301 manual scavengers, Karnataka has 737, Tamil Nadu has 363, Rajasthan has 322, Odisha has 237, Assam has 191 and Bihar has 137 manual scavengers.


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He also said that the Centre had released money for the rehabilitation of the manual scavengers, set up training centres and was giving monetary help to start their own business.


Contractor arrested for employing manual scavengers

Meanwhile, at Chitradurga in Karnataka, a contractor who employed manual scavengers to clean the manhole was arrested. The Rajasthan-based contractor was arrested after someone posted, the video clip of the manual cleaning at one of the manholes in Chitradurga, on social media.


Acting quickly on it, Municipal Commissioner Chandrappa filed a complaint in this regard at the Kote Police. The contractor was arrested following the complaint.