Selfies have become a rage - teenagers, senior citizens alike. Who wouldn't want to pose with a pout or that disarming smile, capture it for eternity, even show the click off on social media? But remember, any pose is fine as long as you don't have the habit of showing the victory sign. If you do that along with the selfie, you might be in for a lot of trouble.

Some recently cracked police cases have specified that many accounts were hacked, thanks to the victory sign in the selfie photograph of theirs posted on social media platforms. Here is how it works.

In a tweet, D Roopa, Commissioner of Traffic and Road Safety, Bengaluru, stated, "Be cautious while clicking selfies. Exposing your fingers may result in copying of your fingerprints. (sic)"

The video that Commissioner Roopa shared describes how a new software can replicate the fingerprint shown in the photograph to exact precision. The video also talks about the solution found to make the fingerprints non replicable. But this software will be available for use only after two years.

Thus, to save your identity from being misused, avoid taking selfies or photos with a victory sign.

Watch the Video here: