The Karnataka Sahitya Academy has announced a massive research project titled Dalit Christians Samskrutika Shodha Maale on Dalits who converted. It envisages study of cultural, social aspects, conflicts and the political changes of Dalits who converted.  The project has been taken up under the Special Unit of Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribe, reported Kannada Prabha.

Literature that was created out of the changes will be collected.  Districtwise collection of information regarding the missionaries and their literary contribution will be identified. The State will be divided into 4 sectors with an editor appointed for each.

The editors will guide research scholars who will collect and edit data. For each district one research scholar will be appointed totalling 30. After 6 months of field work, they will write a book of 100 to 150 pages and submit.  Write up about 3 districts will be compiled in one volume and 10 volumes containing study of 30 districts will be published. Karnataka Sahitya Academy chairman Dr Aravinda Malagatti said until now there has not been any study of Dalit Christians. Field work will be taken up in 30 districts and results will be published in 10 volumes.

The study will consist of history of the district, entry of Christian missionaries to the district, the first priest who visited, their travel, working style, history, sub sects in Christianity, different communities that converted, the aspirations of Dalit Christians, success and failures, challenges, cultural friction between Dalit Christians, castism in Dalit Christians, their literature and arts etc.