In a shocking development, Real Star Upendra has almost decided to quit the Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janatha Party (KPJP). But Upendra has told Suvarna that Mahesh Gowda was trying to sell tickets to candidates.

Upendra has told that he  wanted to build a selfless, people-centric party but the founder of KPJP, Mahesh Gowda, was trying to take money for tickets from the party.

Though there  is no clarification from Upendra that he will leave the party, it is said that Gowda is all set to expel him from the party.

Upendra is said to have clarified to the founder of the party, Mahesh Gowda, that he does not want to continue with the party. Though it is widely known that Upendra was the deciding authority in the KPJP, the truth is that there is a national committee, which along with the founder of the KPJP, Mahesh Gowda, turn out to be the signing authorities.

Mahesh Gowda, Chief General Secretary and the signing authority reportedly said that Upendra wanted to decide on his own and wanted to be the sole signing authority of KPJP.

He even said to local channels that Upendra wanted himself, Prajakeeya and auto as the main projections of the party and nothing else. There are 13 people on the National Committee of KPJP.

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When KPJP was re-formed after Upendra joined the party, it was projected as an alternative party and a face to change the political image in the state. It can also be remembered that Mahesh Gowda was not seen at any meeting or any event by the KPJP.

It is said that the differences came to the fore in the matter of issuing tickets to the candidates. Shivakumar, Vice President of KPJP, also expressed the same. A meeting of the candidates and aspirants has been called by Upendra. One of the candidates, Roopa Iyer, also said that she has no information on Upendra quitting the party.

Reports also say that Mahesh Gowda has decided to expel Upendra from the party as he wants the complete decision of selecting the candidates all by himself. 

However, after all this development too, Mahesh Gowda is set o continue with the party activities. The welfare of the state is more important than any party politics so that we will continue with the party, said Gowda.

According to Mahesh Gowda, when he spoke to Upendra yesterday, the star is said to have asked Mahesh to make him the sole signing authority. Even the committee did not agree to this and Mahesh said that let there be two signing authorities. Then, Upendra is said to have told that it is a closed matter and he didn't want to be part of it.