It is common to see the families of accident victims to run from pillar to post to claim relief from the insurance companies.


But the court has set a precedent by taking the accident case in which 14 killed and 29 severely injured in a series of accident near Molkalmuru in the district on March 18.


Most of the victims who lost their lives in the mishap were daily wage labourers. Taking the matter suo motu, the court summoned the insurance companies and the victim families. Even before the chargesheet was filed to the court, the families were handed over the relief money, reports Prajavani.


"The relief money has been given as per the Motor Vehicles Act," said Judge SB Vasthramath.


"We realised that those who lost their lives were very poor. We did not want them to suffer the official apathy to claim the insurance money," said District judge SB Vasthramath.


The earliest record to award insurance claim to accident victims is held by Uttar Pradesh where the relief was given within 90 days of the accident.


Chaluvaraj – one of the beneficiaries of the claim – lost his parents and sisters in the accident. His family hasn't seen Rs 100 currency till now, said the judge indicating their poverty. They are overwhelmed by Rs 23.25 lakh compensation. "This is very gratifying for us," Judge Vasthrmath said.