What it takes to prepare the egg and its repercussions on the health will really shock you. The Break Through Society team members along with Kalaburagi District Committee and Gulbarga University Bio Technology students have investigated and found the fake eggs in Kalaburagi.

There have been many instances in other parts of India, including Delhi and Kolkata. But this is the first such case and has come out only because the teams which had doubt went on and investigated it.

Plastic eggs are quite dangerous to the health. To understand the seriousness of the implications on health, one should know what goes into the making of such fake eggs.

Here are the ingredients used in preparing the plastic egg.

1)    Sodium Alga Acid

2)    Gelatin

3)    Baifan

4)    Sodium Benzonate

5)    Lactonate

6)    Carboxymethyl

7)    Cellulose

8)    Calcium Carbide

9)    Lysine

10)    Food colouring agent to get egg yolk

11)    Calcium Chloride

12)    Paraffin Wax

13)    Gypsum Powder

If you consume this egg, you even consume all these ingredients and just imagine what can it do to your health.

How to differentiate?

One cannot differentiate between the fake and real egg just by looking at it. But when kept in water, the plastic egg floats just like a rotten egg. The second factor is that the fake egg does, not have Albumin (white part). Instead the white flesh is made of Gelatin and Sodium Alga Acid. The yolk of the fake egg is not separated it is mixed with the white part. The cover of the fake egg does not crack while boiling.

Eating these eggs regularly might lead to memory loss and dementia a part from other ailments, say experts.