Out from jail, reformed don sends food for 700 convicts in Bengaluru Prison

After serving a few years jail in various cases, reformed don Tanveer Ahmed, whose name was enough to send shivers down the spine in late 1980 and early 1990s, has now turned a new chapter in his life. He has given up everything and has accepted deeprooted spiritualism. A devout Muslim, he has taken to clean the streets, water conservation and prayers as his part of daily routine and now during holy month of Ramzan, he along with his well-wishers sends food items like fruits, mutton keema chapati rolls, porridge, samosas and others items to 700 prisoners as a part of 'Iftar'. He credits his wife and children for this change in him and says since his son and daughter are all set to take up civil service as a career, he does not want to be on the list of anti-social elements and wants to be someone who believes in free thinking, peace and love

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