The files popular as Jilebi are actually GLB means Gowda, Lingayat and Brahmin but as it is popular as Jilebi in Kannada, politicians and people too popularly call it as Jilebi files.


In the Karnataka Assembly, BJP leader Jagadish Shettar took the government to task and alleged that it had not passed any files related to Jilebi (GLB). He said, “The government has increased the payment for the Moulvis but has not done anything for the Hindu priests. Only non-GLB files are being passed in the assembly, he said.


Reacting to this, Congress leader M Narendraswamy asked not to bring caste matters into discussion. But Shettar was stern and said that he wanted a clarification for this from Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.


He accused the government of not fulfilling its promises made in the last Budget. The earlier promises have been repeated in the current Budget, he added.