Yet another public representative has found himself in the ‘sleaze gate’ controversy, and this time it is BJP MLC, Mahantesh Kavatagimath from Belagavi.

A series of obscene pictures were sent from his mobile to a WhatsApp group that had dignitaries as its members. The WhatsApp group Belagavi Media Force has Parliamentarian Suresh Angadi, former legislators, political leaders, deputy commissioner, superintendent of police and even senior women officers. Embarrassed, a few members have left the group, and some even blamed the group admin, reports Kannada Prabha.

Kavatagimath is a member of the Upper House considered as the House of intellectuals and think-tanks. Such messages from a respective member of the Council has left many red-faced in the group.

Meanwhile, MLC Kavatagimath has tendered an apology for the blunder. "Those pictures have been wrongly sent without my knowledge. I blame it on the touchscreen phone. And they were unintentional. I regret it," said Kavatagimath.

In fact, this is not the first time that public representatives in the state finding themselves in ‘Sleaze gate’. Recently, primary and secondary education minister Tanveer Sait too was caught watching images of 'semi-naked' women on his phone while attending a programme on Tipu Sultan.  Sait vehemently denied of “seeing” that image and claimed that he was just checking the messages he had received on his phone. Although Opposition parties had demanded his resignation, Siddaramaiah stood by Sait.

Even during the BJP rule, then co-operation minister Laxman Savadi was caught on television watching porn while the Assembly was on. This had attracted nationwide attention and causing a great embarrassment to the BJP government.