The huge expectation that Kalasa Banduri, Mahadayi and Dr Nanjundappa Report would be discussed at the winter session of the legislative assembly fell flat on Wednesday as neither the Congress nor BJP and JD(S) members had come prepared for the debate. Moreover due to large absenteeism there were nobody to discuss or hear the issues, reported Kannada Prabha.

On Wednesday as soon as the session started leader of the Opposition BJP’s Jagadish Shettar started to present the stand regarding K J George and some BJP members started to protest but Speaker K B Koliwad stopped them saying they would be given an opportunity under Section 69.  During question hour some bills were presented.

After that Koliwad permitted to discuss issues related to north Karnataka. JD(S) MLA N H Kona Reddy said the government must yet again take a delegation to the Prime Minister regarding this. He said Opposition BJP must bring pressure on Goa government. In an agitation demanding its implementation 12 people had died and compensations should be given to their families. He also urged to take back all cases filed against the farmers.

When MLA Kona Reddy was talking CM Siddaramaiah was not present in his seat. Also many other ministers were absent. JD(S) deputy leader Y S V Dutta said there is nobody to listen to problems of north Karnataka and asked the Speaker to call the Chief Minister and other ministers.

Opposition leader Jagadish Shettar also complained that discussion will be a waste if members are not present at the assembly.  Several BJP members started protesting on this pretext. Just then Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Minister Vinay Kulkarni and others entered the assembly hall.  When BJP members continued to complain CM Siddaramaiah said ‘the ball is in your court’.

Later MLA Kona Reddy spoke but nobody else debated on this. Jagadish Shettar as asked for time till Thursday.