Kannadigas in Goa left in lurch as there's no sign of help from Karnataka

First Published 28, Sep 2017, 2:30 PM IST
No sign of help for Kannadigas in Goa
  • CM Siddaramaiah writes to Goa Chief Minister to safe guard the welfare of Kannadiga sin Goa.
  • Industries Minister R V Deshapande has condemned the demolition of houses belonging to Kannadigas.
  • The State Government is ready to provide any assistance that the Goa Government demands in this regard.

Kannadigas in Goa were left to fend for themselves after the Goa government razed down their houses on September 26. They were literally thrown to the streets, despite the rains. Neither the local administration nor the Karnataka government has come to their help, reports Kannada Prabha.

Some of them have gathered whatever they could and have taken shelter at temples. Some are staying with their Kannadiga friends. The administration is clearing the debris of the 55 houses that it razed to ground, under heavy police protection. 

Every time the houses of Kannadigas are demolished, a minister from Karnataka arrives, holds talk with Goa chief minister, requesting compensation and rehabilitation. This has been a routine. The Baina refugees are not in a state to believe them anymore. The repeated demolition of houses has made their life miserable in Goa. They have migrated to Goa in search of the jobs. Now that they have lost their shelter, the Karnataka government should come to their help, feel the Kannadigas here. 

Siddanna Meti, president of Akhila Goa Kannadigara Sangha is attending to them at Baina. Industries Minister RV Deshapande has condemned the demolition of houses. He said on the previous occasion he had held talks with the Goa government, which had assured security to Kannadigas. But it has now gone back on its assurances and is being very inhuman in its approach, he said. He is writing to the Goa government to rehabilitate them, reports Kannada Prabha.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has written a letter to Goa Chief Minister urging him to rehabilitate the Kannada families who have been rendered homeless on Baina beach. He has insisted that all families who are evicted and those who are going to be evicted should be paid compensation and rehabilitated at an alternate place.  The evicted have the aadhaar card and even Voter ID cards.  Yet, the Goa government has been harsh on them, he added.