Naxal angle is used to divert the attention from main cause of Gauri's death: GN Nagaraj

karnataka | Friday, September 8th, 2017
Suman Priya Mendonca
  • The media is trying to divert attention from the main focus by giving a Naxal link to Gauri Lankesh's murder case, said GN Nagaraj who was close to Gauri Lankesh
  • Both played an important role in getting Sirimane Nagaraj and Noor Zulfikar from Naxalism to mainstream
  • Gauri's major fight was against fundamentalism, said GN Nagaraj

A section of media is trying to divert attention from the main focus by giving a Naxal link to Gauri Lankesh's murder case. Let the police probe all angles including the Naxal one, but one thing is sure this threat cannot snub the voice of the people, said GN Nagaraj who was very close to Gauri Lankesh and is an All India Vice-President, National Platform for Rights of the Disabled (NPRD). He was with her in her efforts to bring former Naxal activists Sirimane Nagaraj and Noor Sridhar to the mainstream.

Nagaraj said that those who are against Gauri's rational thinking, anti-secular people have killed her. If Gauri had to be killed by Naxalites for bringing them into the mainstream, they would have killed her long back, because the process of getting them out took many years.

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Thus there is no chance that the Naxalites have done this and this angle is being spoken about only to divert people from the real issue or cause, he said.

The police have to investigate from 360 degrees. So they will look into all angles possible including issues like family animosity. They are even analysing the articles Gauri had written in the Lankesh Patrike. Among all those Naxalism too is an angle. The police are conducting a systematic investigation, and all should cooperate in the probe.

This murder might be the tool to snub the voice of the people who come out in the open about issues like harmony, secularism etc. But one should remember that Gauri's major fight was against fundamentalism, and she worked hard to bring harmony in the society. But it looks like she has been murdered due to the rational reason. Those trying to curb the freedom of speech and life should not be spared, he said.

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Speaking to Suvarna, Sirimane Nagaraj, a former Naxalite who had come to the mainstream with efforts of the likes of  Gauri Lankesh and HS Doreswamy had accused the right wing ideologues of killing Gauri Lankesh.

"If there is a difference of opinion or ideology, one should be ready to discuss and talk. This act of killing is condemnable and most condemnable is spreading canard by linking Gauri's killing to Naxalites," he had said.


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