Making an impact of his whistle-stop visit to address the BJP workers in Bengaluru, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a scathing attack on the Congress party.

Taking a dig at former finance minister P Chidambaram for his support for greater autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir, Modi sought to know have the Congress leaders forgotten the sacrifices that the soldiers of this country made? Modi event went on to say that "Congress leaders shamelessly speaking the same language that the separatists in Kashmir and Pakistan speak."

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"Yesterday's statement of a Congress leader on Kashmir shows how the party feels on surgical strikes and bravery of our army," Modi said. Modi said Congress leaders do not mind to politicise the sacrifices made by our soldiers. They did not even spare the surgical strike. This is an insult to our soldiers.



To the cheering crowd, Modi said: "I want to ask the people of Bengaluru if the country can gain from such leaders who want to play politics on the sacrifices made by our soldiers?"

He further said that the people of Karnataka are tired of such party and they cannot wait for the elections. With Assembly elections scheduled for May in Karnataka, PM Modi's one-day visit to the State is being seen as a precursor to the party campaign.  For, the BJP leaders are expected to go on a State-wide tour from next month, and Modi's visit is seen as the much-needed tonic to boost the party's image for the upcoming elections.



Later, Modi participated at the Dashamah Soundarya Lahari Parayanotsava Mahasamparne at Palace Grounds before leaving for Bidar. In Bidar, he dedicated a long-pending Bidar-Gulbarga railway line project.