Modi and his charisma has fascinated Indians in many ways. Some have criticised it, some have applauded it. However, there have been unique expressions of love for the people's leader at various times, like this one. An ardent Modi fan, a Mangaluru driver, 44-year-old S Satish Prabhu, celebrated Modi's four years in power in a unique way. He is offering Re 1 fare rides to all passengers for four days from today.

His vehicle, bearing the registration number KA20 9388, can be seen with a poster announcing the rebate. The poster reads: "On the occasion of the fourth year of the Narendra Modi led BJP government, the autorickshaw fare has been reduced to Re 1 for up to 5km."

Speaking to the TOI, Prabhu said, "Modi has been doing a lot of good work across the country. I thought I should thank him for that and I chose to do that by slashing fares for commuters. The one-rupee ride will help commuters, especially the middle class, save some money."

In fact, the move has become so popular that it has become a topic of discussion in the BJP circles. A NaMoBrigade member Chakravarty Sulibele also posted the picture of the rear side of the auto on his Twitter account. Meanwhile, Prabhu said that he was not interested in hardcore politics, but just admired Modi and his work. However, this was not the first time that he was displaying his love for Modi. He said, "when Modi became the PM, I had reduced the auto fare and more than 150 commuters had used the service."

C T Ravi, BJP state general secretary told TOI, "Prabhu's gesture is a pointer to the fact that Modi's popularity seamlessly transcends all classes of people. The man on the streets endorses Modi's development plans and execution."