The much awaited Duniya Vijay starter Maastigudi released today. The film which is also written by Vijay will play in over 300 theatres, the biggest release for a Duniya Vijay film. Directed by Nagashekar of ‘Myna’ fame, the film has Duniya Vijay play a man who takes the law into his hands when he is threatened by powerful people for questioning their actions. It also has a message of protecting the wildlife.

The film ran into controversy when two of the film’s antagonists Uday Raghav, 32, and Anil Kumar Venugopal, 33, died while performing a stunt for the climax of the film on Nov 7, 2016. While performing the stunt over the Tippagondanahalli Lake, located 40 km north-west of Bengaluru in Ramanagara district, the two actors along with lead actor Duniya Vijay leapt off a chopper from a height of 60 feet into the lake. The trio struggled to stay afloat. Local fishermen rescued Vijay but were unable to find the other actors. The National Disaster Relief Force found their bodies three days after they drowned.

Home minister G Parameshwara had decided to initiate legal action against the offenders. KFCC barred stunt director Ravi Verma, producer Sundar P Gowda and Duniya Vijay from taking up any new projects till the inquiry into the incident is complete. 

But this has not stopped Duniya Vijay fans from thronging the theatres. Keerthi Shetty, an ardent Duniya Vijay fan who watched the movie at the Veerabhadreshwara Theater in them, said, “Vijay’s acting is superb as usual. The two actors who died have also done a good job.”

Check out some audience reactions to the movie here:

Kannada actor  and a good friend of Duniya Vijay, 'Golden Star' Ganesh, congratulated Vijay on the release of his film highlighting his looks in the film.

Actress Meghana Raj too is excited about Maastigudi along with another Kannada release Liftman