Two Hindu girls went missing from Belagavi in Karnataka on December 6. As soon as the news broke, some fringe groups spread the news that it was love jihad, which was followed by hate speeches and arguments against the Muslim community.

But now the truth has come out, giving a tight slap to those who termed it a love jihad as the girls were found working in a factory in Mumbai. They were later persuaded to return to Belagavi.

Sanjana and Pooja (names changed), who happen to be related to each other, went missing from Balekundri village. The incident was termed as love jihad and it was claimed that they had been taken away by Muslim men for alleged conversion.

But in reality, the girls had fled to Mumbai in search of a job as they wanted to earn and live an independent life. They were reportedly not given any freedom at home. Thus, they planned to run away and make their own destiny.

However, the Belagavi police traced the girls back to Mumbai and have brought them back to Belagavi, thus putting the love jihad claims to rest.

It can be noted that the fringe elements, which had spread this rumour had pressurised the police to intensify the search for these girls. But now, with truth breaking out, no one who spread the rumour, is seen seeking an apology or giving a clarification.