Karnataka Elections 2018: Bengaluru, an unlucky seat for top leaders?

First Published 29, Jan 2018, 5:25 PM IST
Karnataka Elections 2018 Bengaluru an unlucky seat for top leaders
  • When it comes to elections in Karnataka, Bengaluru may not be the hot seat to capture the CM's post.
  • Drawing examples from the likes of R Ashok (BJP), Ramalinga Reddy (Congress), Zameer Ahmed (JD(S) rebel), etc, we delve into the political scenario.
  • Let's find out why Bengaluru is not lucky for those aspiring to be the CM.

Bengaluru has 28 constituencies. And we have very many leaders who belong to the creme-de-la-creme of national parties like Congress and the BJP. I'm talking about the likes of R Ashok of the BJP, Ramalinga Reddy of the Congress, Zameer Ahmed, rebel JD(S), etc. However, there is a notion that Bengaluru as a seat may not be as lucky. None from any of the Bengaluru seats have managed to grab the CM's chair. Well, the maximum that one has achieved is either being part of the cabinet or grabbing the DyCM's post.

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Barring Ramakrishna Hegde, of course, who made it to the CM's throne in the 80s, after contesting from Bengaluru's Basavanagudi.

Well, Congress spokesperson Kengal Shreepada Renu refuses to call Bengaluru unlucky. A post will and should come naturally to any leader, depending on his work, reputation and talent. He simply puts it as being in the right place at the right time. He perhaps is right. Then let's just say, Bengaluru needs to be lucky enough to put the respective leader in the right place at the right time.

In order to build that appeal, catering to the mass in general, a leader aspiring to be the CM may have to tour the entire state to literally connect with the people on a larger scale. Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee's Working President, Dinesh Gundurao, says that leaders from the rural constituencies are better identified with the respective communities there, whereas in a city, the cosmopolitan crowd restricts  one from building that connect. BJP loyalist Kedarnath says city leaders can be distracted with political compulsions and the needs of the people here.

If potholes and infrastructure problems of the city could distract them, why is it that their personal interest overshadows the needs of the people? Analysts say that it's self-interest that perhaps refuses to let them see the bigger picture. To elaborate that in detail: why do some leaders interfere with the local bodies? That is perhaps the reason why Bengaluru city is worsening day by day.

And maybe that's why Bengaluru wants to tell them that you may remain a city leader, but never the CM.