Is there any connection between Karnataka Assembly election dates tentatively announced for May first week and BJP leader and mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy being let free in the 35,000 crore mining scam?

A revisit to former Chief Minister and JD(S) President HD Kumaraswamy's allegations against BJP involving Janardhan Reddy might give a clue in this regard.

Former CM Kumaraswamy had alleged that Reddy, the main accused in the illegal mining case, was asked to pay Rs 500 crore by the BJP if he wanted all cases to be closed against him. He had also said that the money was to be used for the elections.

BJP supporters had trolled Kumaraswamy for his allegations, and the leaders refuted any such charges. Now with Karnataka Assembly elections likely to be held in May first week and the cases against the mining baron Janardhan Reddy are being closed, the question surely arises if there is any truth in what Kumaraswamy had told earlier?

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The CBI has closed the investigation into the multi-crore iron ore export scam stating that there is no evidence does not sound convincing. After the preliminary investigations, the CBI sleuths wrote to the government stating that there are no evidences to prove the allegations.

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Former Justice Lokayukta Santhosh Hegde, who had investigated the matter and had filed a report with bills and documents against the mining lords including Janardhan Reddy in Bellari has expressed shock on the news of the closure of the case.

Dismayed by the Centre and State allowing the burying of 35,000-crore worth scam Justice Hegde told, “Can it be disputed that 2.4 lakh worth metric tonnes was deposited in Belekeri port? Can it be said this disappeared? There should be somebody answerable for this, 2, 40,000 tonnes is a huge amount. It requires dozens of ships to be taken away. And how can it go when it is controlled by the Port Officer, by the Investigating Officers of the Lokayukta. How can anybody explain?," reported News 18.

Cases regarding the illegal export of iron ores from Goa, Nava Mangaluru and Krishna Pattnam in Andhra Pradesh ports have been dismissed for the absence of evidences. It can be recalled that Justice Hegde in his report had stated that between 2006 and 2010 around 12.57 metric tonne iron ores were illegally exported.

CBI had investigated into the case as per the orders of Supreme Court and had submitted the preliminary FIR. The names of mines baron Janardhana Reddy and other mining companies were listed in the FIR. But later CBI has written to the government stating there are no evidences to prove the irregularities.