This is the way 'Baahubali 2' is swaying Karnataka –  Rs 600 tickets for a show and advance booking in most theatres. But how fair is it to kill Kannada movies to make way for a Telugu movie?

One of the most beautifully made Kannada movies, 'Raaga' was released on April 21. It was the first victim in Sandalwood claimed by the release of 'Baahubali 2'. Directed by PC Shekhar, the movie is about visually-challenged who fall in love fighting ups and downs in their quest to 'see' things beautiful in life. The film is an emotional journey of a visually challenged couple played by popular Malayalam actor Bhaama and noted actor Mithra.

The movie has earned rave reviews for its heart-touching storyline, stunning visuals and world-class presentation. It's not even a week since the movie was released in its homeground and the director has been asked to withdraw it from theatres.

On Thursday, director PC Shekhar expressed his heartburn via Facebook in an appeal to save his movie and urged Kannadigas to appreciate his labour of love that will be in theatres, till tonight, perhaps. "I have made six movies so far and but I have never been recognised here. Yet, I continue to make cinemas in Kannada, for am one among those directors, who want to take Kannada movies on a global map," said Shekhar in his video.

He went on to say that despite his recent venture 'Raaga' earning good reviews from audience to directors and technicians in Sandalwood, the movie will be withdrawn from theatres to make way for bid budget movie, 'Baahubali 2'. "The movie has a journey of 14 years and everyone had sweat it out to make this critically acclaimed movie. But with theatre owners deciding to remove the cinema, I feel our efforts are not appreciated."

"Theatre owners do not want to miss out on this 'golden opportunity' of screening the epic movie. I begged them not to sacrifice my movie for ‘Baahubali 2’. But they were unrelenting. I felt there was no point in urging them who does not believe in meaningful movie," said.

He appealed people to catch the movie which will be in theatres perhaps till tonight. Meanwhile, reports said that the movie protagonist and producer Mithra admitted to hospital for high blood pressure.

In fact, three more Kannada movies - 'Tiger', 'Prema Baraha' and 'Satya Harishchandra' - are also slated for April 28 release to clash with the giant. But it is not confirmed whether the movie makers have made any last-minute changes, so far.

Shekhar's appeal reflects poorly on pro-Kannada organisations who always claim to strive in the interest “Karnataka and Kannadigas’. They had vehemently opposed release of 'Baahubali 2' in the wake of hatred comments by 'Kattappa' fame Sathyaraj. It was a kind of 'do-or-die' situation for 'Baahubali 2' movie makers. Pro-Kannada organisations had moved heaven and earth to 'earn' his apology. As the uncertainty prevailed till last week, Sathyaraj regretted his comments on Kannadigas and cleared the tension over the movie release. But he remained short of making an apology.

And now these very organisations are nowhere to be seen when Kannada movies are not being given their due. Will Kannada organisations stand up for ‘Raaga’, now?

As per the latest report, Karnataka Film Chambers of Commerce has come to the rescue of 'Raaga' moviemakers. They have decided to retain the movie in some theatres till Sunday.