Keeping dalits and other communities – its traditional vote bank – Congress is planning for major caste conventions throughout the state to lure future vote bank. A decision in this regard was taken at a meeting chaired by Digvijay Singh, state affairs in-charge, reports Kannada Prabha.


It is learnt that AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi has apparently asked the Congress leaders to take all castes into confidence and work on the strategy to win more seats in the next Assembly polls.


It is interesting to note that apart from concentrating on Ahinda and backward votes, the party is also planning to talk to upper communities, till now considered vote bank of BJP. Regular conventions of these upper communities will be the next agenda on Congress party in the state.


Apart from taking Siddaramaiah's popular programmes to people, identifying potential candidates and surveying the constituencies, Congress is on total poll mode in the state.