In a surprising incident, the Vanitha Sahaya Vani - a women's helpline set up by the Bengaluru police to help women in distress - attended a distress call from a man. 


The man sought the helpline's assistance after he caught his wife red-handed while she had a conservation with a black magic 'baba' over the phone. The man, who prefers to be unknown and is a techie in a reputed firm, has now applied for a divorce.

The couple has been married for nine years. The husband alleges that his then wife wanted to have the upper hand on him, and hence she resorted to approaching a 'baba' for some black magic spells. 

In his complaint to 'Parihaar', a family counselling centre under the banner of  Vanitha Sahaya Vani recalled that three years ago he discovered some tablets in milk offered by his wife. 

When he questioned her, his wife told him it was by accident. A few months after that incident, he discovered a few chits in her bag. The chits had numbers, drawings and few words written in black sketch pen. 

This made him suspicious, and he installed a call recorder on her phone a few weeks back ago. Two days after the installation, he was shocked as the wife was caught red-handed while striking a conservation with a 'baba' to perform a black magic spell against him. 

"The Baba asked her to bring my clothes, including my underwear. The Baba also asked her to meet her only when she is having her periods. After she was caught, she begged for mercy, but these things are strictly prohibited (in Islam). The trust is lost, and I have applied for a divorce," he said.

"The man is really well behaved and disciplined, but he has no faith in his wife and her family members as he believes even they are party to such witchcraft. We have given next hearing date and would probably try to save the marriage," said a senior counsellor from Parihaar.