Members of the brahmin community in the State have taken a strong objection to popular children's show 'Drama Juniors 2' aired on Zee Kannada for allegedly making a mockery of the community. In its recent episode aired on August 5, the show depicted brahmin priests and their alleged wily ways much to the chagrin of the community.

Strongly condemning it, the Akhila Karnataka Brahmana Mahasabha has issued diktats that unless the channel issues an apology in a week, they would ask all the community members to boycott the show. Also, if they failed to do so, the Mahasabha will lodge a complaint against the show.


The Mahasabha has already taken the matter to the Women and Child Welfare Department seeking action the channel authorities for using children to mock a community.

The community members had also held a meeting at Udupi where Pejawar seer Vishwaprasanna Theerthashri was present. The community members have sought the seer's intervention to prevent the channel from making further character assassination. "The content of the show was distasteful. This has hurt the community. The channel should stop making a mockery of the community through children. We do not approve of such shows on the community. The channel authorities should tender an apology in the next episode, lest we will protest," Pejawar Vishwaprasanna Theertha said, reports Suvarna News.