In a mysterious incident, a family living in a newly-constructed house in Hangarga village near Belagavi are living in fear of an impending tragedy because the floor of their house gets heated up. When they could not handle the situation anymore, they shifted to a makeshift tent outside the house and are refusing to go back. 

The house was under construction for the last three years and the Kamble family of 9 had shifted there recently. For the last few days, the members of the Kamble family realised that the first step of the staircase had hot air coming out of it. Gradually all the stairs became hot.

As the owners of the house approached the local gram panchayat about the incident, villagers and others started thronging the house to see the mysterious  event. Some even suggested that these are signs of impending danger or tragedies and that the family should be careful. Some even suggested that these are signs of a hidden treasure below the house and some said that the house could have been made upon a lava hotbed.

Meanwhile, assistant commissioner Rajashree Jainapure, along with geologist Arun D and authorities of the Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited inspected the staircase. The geologist has taken sample muds from below the house and are inspecting it. However, civil engineers have a different opinion altogether. They say that it could be because of electricity leakage.  Civil engineer and interior decorator Subhash Hubalkar said, "It has to be thoroughly checked. I had faced the same issue a few years ago at my house."

He further explained the scenario to the New Indian Express and said, "We realised that whenever there was power outage the staircase which was otherwise hot, used to be normal. We found out that an electric line was touching the staircase metal."