Based on the information provided by Kannada Prabha – Suvarna News, the district administration successfully busted a hi tech copying network at the KPSC examinations for appointments at Morarji Desai Boarding School in the State, reported Kannada Prabha.

The police arrested 3 candidates who were copying but the accused who were helping them copy from outside escaped.  The Karnataka Barding Educational Institutions Association was conducting examinations for the post of Group C appointments for Morarji Desai Schools, between Oct 13 and 16 at 39 centres in the district. There were a total of 14796 candidates writing the exams.

Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News had information that hi tech copying would be employed and had warned the departments concerned.  Based on this information DC Padma Basavanthappa and team visited Nuthana College in Vidyanagara and Millat College centres and found that the candidates were using wireless sets to copy. Subhash, Srinivas and Tippesh Naik were found to be carrying small wireless receiver in their ears. 

They were found to have fixed a small modem with a sim card on their banians. Four persons in the far away lodge was dictating the answers and they were writing.  As soon as they were caught they revealed that a group at the lodge was dictating answers and they were hearing it from the receiver and writing the answers. When police raided the lodge on P B Road the culprits had already escaped. The four had given fake name address at the lodge.

It was found that all the three arrested were wearing black banian. Hence all persons wearing black banians were checked but none had the device.  Round 3 years ago a student was caught for hi tech copying through electronic device in Bengaluru Medical College examination. The candidates were frisked while entering the exam hall but the device was not found.  They had written the exam for over one and half hours before they were caught.

DC Padma Basavanthappa said only when Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News gave the register number they could zero down and arrest the culprits. It was learnt that each had paid Rs 10 lakh for this ‘help’. Sources say it’s a State wide network.  Investigations are on.