Here's why slain RSS member Sharath Madiwala will thank Ravoof

karnataka | 10 July 2017 0:10 PM (UTC)
kumuda k
  • Ravoof, an acquaintance of RSS member Sharath Madiwala, was the first to rush Sharath to the hospital
  • He and Sharath had their shops in the same locality and never did their religion come between their friendship
  • "Humanity is above everything," Ravoof told a news channel days after simmering communal tensions mar Karnataka

Politicians in Karnataka were happy playing politics and the blame game over the brutal murder of the young RSS member Sharath Madiwala at Bantwal last week. However, what Ravoof did at this communally sensitive time will certainly reiterate the fact that humanity is above all - be it religion or politics.

On the ill-fated day of 4 July, Sharath (28), who ran a laundry service in Bantwal, was brutally attacked by unknown miscreants when he was about to close his shop. Sharath suffered grievous injuries on his head and lay in a pool of blood amid the clothes in his shop. Ravoof, who was offering prayers in his shop, heard his neighbouring shop owner Praveen calling out his name. He rushed outside to find Sharath wreathing in pain, he told a television channel. 

He, Praveen and two others requested many auto drivers to rush Sharath to the hospital but in vain. Frustrated, Ravoof called an autorickshaw driver who he had hired regularly, and with his help, they rushed Sharath to a hospital in Thumbay. However, the doctors advised them to take Sharath to AJ Hospital. Sharath was later moved to AJ Hospital in an ambulance provided by the hospital in Thumbay. However, Sharath succumbed to his injuries on July 7.

Sharath's death became a rallying point for politicians to indulge in mudslinging. But for Ravoof, he had lost a "brother". "I have known Sharath for 14 years and shared cordial relations. Never once our respective religions came in the way of our acquaintance. My shop was close to Sharath's laundry service. We were like brothers and his parents know about it," Ravoof told the news channel.

"No religion preaches hatred or taking the life of someone. Those who preach about religion need to understand religion and its values, first," Ravoof said.  

Although Sharath known as a quiet RSS worker, Ravoof was not associated with any of the organisations that represent his community. In these communally sensitive times, Ravoof's quiet gesture should open closed minds and hearts.

Also, it is time for politicians to stop their political games over Sharath's dead body. "It is absolutely unnecessary," Ravoof told the channel.  

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