BJP State President's Mumbai Karnataka tour has been cancelled. He was scheduled to continue his election campaign from Belagavi from April 2.

His tour to Karnataka was cancelled as he had to take part in the Rajya Sabha session. But the party sources have said that the programme is not cancelled but postponed. As the impeachment procedure of the Chief Justice of India will be discussed in the Rajya Sabha, Amit Shah's presence is said to be important.

Thus, the next visit of Amit Shah to Karnataka has been re-scheduled to April 12 and 13. He will take part in events at Chikkodi in Belagavi, Nippani and Gokak. After the road show in Gokak, he will leave for Bagalkot and take part in the fistful of grains (mushti dhanya) event. He will also visit Kaginele Kanakapeetha.