Veerappan is that name; especially South Indians will never forget. He was the most-wanted criminal, smuggler, murderer, who lived in the forests of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu borders and was encountered 18 October 2014. 

There are two arguments or theories about Veerappan-Muthuswamy marriage. The first one is based on the Dainik Bhaskar report.

The brigand who dreaded the police for decades once fell in love with a 16-year-old girl inside the Tamil Nadu forests. It is said that Veerappan had made up his mind that he would never marry.

But it was one fine day in 1989 when 29-year-old Veerappan spotted 16-year-old Muthulakshmi. According to Dainik Bhaskar, Veerappan was on his way to Nerupur villa ge to solve a problem.

The girl had filled Veerappan's heart, and mind and just like how Al Pacino in the movie Godfather requests the girl's father to get her married to him, Veerappan walks into the girl's house and requests her father for Muthulakshmi's hand in marriage.

As the father, Muthulakshmi was also scared and was not ready for this alliance. Till then she had only heard about Veerappan's 'bravery', which even included murders. But Veerappan did not stop at this, he waited for the right time and met Muthulakshmi when she was collecting woods in the forest. He allegedly poured his heart out and promised not to hurt her and keep her happy.

This side of Veerappan proves that he could be a gentleman and instead of forcibly taking her with him, he tried to woo and cajole her to finally win Muthulakshmi's heart. The couple got married in 1990.

In the second theory, reports state that Muthulakshmi was in love with Veerappan, his charm, name and power. She was swept off her feet whenever he visited the village and gave her a furtive glance. Veerappan too was interested in Muthulakshmi and the man who did not want a family decided to get married to Muthulakshmi, who was just 16-years-old then. As Muthulakshmi's marriage was fixed with one of her cousins, her parents were not ready for this alliance. 

But love knows no bounds and Muthulakshmi eloped with Veerappan to be his wife.