Did Hampi Varsity VC say government needs to be bribed to get funds?

First Published 14, Sep 2017, 3:57 PM IST
Hampi kannada unviersity vc dr mallika ghante
  • Hampi Varsity VC Dr Mallika Ghanti alleges corruption in the Congress government
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah promised to extend co-operation to ensure the varsity's development
  • The VC stated "CM's words are just on paper. They are never materialised."

 Hampi Kannada University which is celebrating is its silver jubilee celebrations has mired into a controversy after its Vice Chancellor Dr V Mallika Ghanti made serious charges of corruption against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and his government. She blamed them for the underdevelopment of the university.

A day after Chief Minister Siddaramaiah promised her full co-operation from the government to develop the university - during the inauguration of the silver jubilee celebration of the university - VC Dr Mallika said: "unless we take a suitcase full of cash, none of our problems are solved by the government."

"Who do we explain the problems that our University is facing. If we take our problems to the government, they need the suitcase full of cash to solve our problems. Earlier, they would send the suitcase full of cash to develop the university. But now, we need to take the cash-full of suitcase pleading them to develop university," VC Dr Mallika said.

She further told the dignitaries on the dais to not be under the impression that the government would come to the varsity's rescue which is grappling with the issues of inadequate faculty, lack of funds for research activities and so on. Her statement comes in the wake of Siddaramaiah's promise that the government would give its consent to fill up 180 posts that are lying vacant in the university. "Whatever the chief minister said would just remain words. His words are forgotten by tomorrow," Dr Mallika stated.

After television channels played up her speech, Dr Mallika clarified on "suitcase" comment that "I was just reiterating the observation made by the previous vice-chancellors of the successive government's attitude towards the only language university in the state. It was not meant for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and his government." However, she declined to respond to her comment that "CM's words of promise are forgotten the next day."

Hampi Kannada University was founded in 1991 and is the only language university that is striving to propagate and develop the Kannada language.