Gauri murder: SIT finds crucial evidence, despite heavy rains washing away fingerprints, hair samples

Gauri murder SIT finds crucial evidence despite heavy rains washing away fingerprints hair samples
  • SIT has found that the weapon used for the murder is similar to the weapon used for the assassination of Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare and M M Kalburgi.
  • The Naxalite angle is also being probed and help from Andhra Police has also been sought.
  • Investigating teams have also found crucial documents from Gauri's house.

The murder investigation of Gauri Lankesh comes with several twists and turns. Just a day after the Karnataka Government announced Rs 10 lakh for anyone with crucial evidence pertaining to the murder, the SIT team came up with a new twist. The murder weapon that was used in the murder was similar to those used by assailants in the murder of Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare and M M Kalburgi. 

Amid speculations that the case may have hit a dead-end, given the fact that heavy rains following the murder had washed away fingerprints and hair samples, Ramalinga Reddy said on Saturday, "The SIT is investigating the case and there's progress, but I cannot reveal everything to the media." 

He further added, "A similar weapon was used in the first three killings but I cannot confirm or deny if the same weapon was used to kill Gauri. The SIT is working from different angles.Let the investigation findings come out." Meanwhile, the family members of Gauri met Karnataka chief minister and expressed their faith in the SIT investigations, despite reports that they had sought CBI probe. One of the sources said, "Evidence such as fingerprints on the gate or compound and hair samples have all been washed away." Investigating teams also found documents pertaining to 60 defamation cases against her over the years. An investigating officer said, "The plaintiffs include politicians from across parties, private persons and government officials."

Siddaramaiah, speaking to the Times of India said, "Indira Lankesh and Kavita Lankesh told me that they have faith in the SIT investigation and I have reassured them of the government's resolve to swiftly bring Gauri's killer to justice." It is also said that the Congress President Sonia Gandhi also spoke to Siddaramaiah and sought a speedy closure to the investigation. 

Involvement of the Naxals

The SIT has firm conviction that Naxals could be a part of the game plan. While the suspicion first surfaced on Wednesday, the senior officers were waiting for reports from the local officers and personnel from Dakshina Kannada. They have now requested help from the Andhra Pradesh police in investigating the Naxal angle. 

A special team from Andhra Pradesh has reached Bengaluru to help the investigating teams here. A senior officer told TOI,"One team which reached Dakshina Kannada said around seven Naxals are active there and are in constant touch with their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh. So we requested the team from that state to join the probe. We haven't ruled out the Naxal role in the murder."