Nidumamidi Chennamalla Swami of Manava Dharma Peetha has argued that all Shiva devotees are not Hindus. Speaking after inaugurating a program Bali Chakravarthi Smaranotsava at the Institute of Indian Aboriginal Culture, Literature Study and Research at Town Hall on Friday, he said, 18 communities in Indian aboriginals defied Vedic culture and became Shiva worshipers. Hence it is an injustice to term them as Hindus. Deepavali was actually a farmers’ festival. They would light up along the field bunds and pray for big harvests. The Vedics constructed a story about tormenter Emperor Bali being punished and imposed on us. Not only Bali no other Asura was a tormenter, he said, reported Kannada Prabha.

He also said that Vedics propagated that only Ramayana and Mahabharatha are great epics. But Daksha Yajna is a greater incident. All the aboriginals of the land were against the Yajna, worship by fire, and hence they destroyed it.  Shiva married Dakshayani to avoid friction with Aryas. Ganesha is born of this marriage. Hence Ganapathy is Dakshayani’s son and not that of Parvathi.  Parvathi is from hunter community, daughter of Parvatharaja. Hence is Yajnas Shiva is given the last place and Ganapathy is given the first place, he said.

Shiva is from South, Rudra is from North. Both are great heroes. Rama, Krishna and Hamumantha are also Shiva’s devotees. Shiva culture is the ancient culture of our country, he said. According to his research Shiva is from Srishaila, he said.  Veerabhadra belongs to Kadukuruba community. Veerabhadra’s sister Choudi is Chamundi. The Vedics created the story of Chamundi killing Mahishasura, he said.

Jnanaprakasha Swami of Urilingapeddy Mutt said Matsyavatara, Kurmavatara are all avataras created to stamp us. Now Prime Minister Modi is being called as another avatara, he said.