The Brigade will be dissolved, said BJP MP and party's state general secretary, Shobha Karandlaje, in Mysuru on Sunday.

"I think so...the Brigade will have to be dissolved. Our party leader Narendra Modi has said that there should be no separate associations or wings promoting the party activities and that all programmes will have to be carried out under the BJP banner. Likewise, all OBC and Dalit programmes will be carried out under the party banner," she said. Karandlaje was addressing the media on the resolutions adopted by the party during the two-day state executive meet in Mysuru.

She went on to add that the feud between BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa was being addressed by the central leadership. "The duo have been asked to speak to each other and sort out their differences. Muralidhar Rao himself has seen to it. He has stayed through the two-day meet without even leaving the premises," she added. Rao is the party's national general secretary, in-charge of Karnataka.

Karandlaje said that like all parties, the state BJP too witnessed internal differences. This had even upset the party workers, she conceded.
"The infighting has indeed upset the party workers and people. However we will overcome all shortcomings and emerge victorious in the next elections," she added.

The Brigade was launched by Eshwarappa in August 2016, as a parallel power structure opposing  Yeddyurappa's "autocratic" conduct. This resulted in a continued one-upmanship between the Kuruba leader and the Lingayat strongman over the last few months.

Eshwarappa continued holding several Brigade meetings along with Yeddyurappa detractors, though there were attempts of reconciliation between the duo. Early this year the party's national president Amit Shah had even pulled up the duo. Despite this, the rebellion continued, resulting in a split in the state party unit and the emergence of two factions.

The Eshwarappa faction, contending Yeddyurappa's unilateral decision making, had set several deadlines for the latter to address the issues raised by it. When Yeddyurappa continued to remain oblivious Eshwarappa upped his ante. He participated in the 'Save BJP' meet and launched a scathing attack against Yeddyurappa. Immediately Yeddyurappa came out guns blazing. He accused RSS hardliner BL Santhosh for masterminding the revolt.

Following this, Eshwarappa declared that he would go ahead with the Brigade meeting in Raichur, despite being warned by his political bosses. 
This event was scheduled a day after the BJP executive meeting in Mysuru. When Eshwarappa indicated that he might even boycott the executive meeting, the central leadership decided to take stock of the situation.

A day before the Mysuru meeting, the leadership ensured that Eshwarappa would toe the party line. The same day Eshwarappa announced that he would attend the meeting as he was a loyal party worker. He had also said that the Brigade meeting in Raichur had been "postponed", maybe already aware that the fate of the Brigade had been sealed.