Even as State BJP president B S Yeddyurappa is preparing for the Nava Karnataka Parivarthana Yatre, the differences between himself and former Deputy CM K S Eshwarappa do not seem to fade away.  Though they are seen in public platforms looking friendly, the disgruntlement between them is very evident, reports Kannada Prabha.

The fall out between Eshwarappa and Yeddyurappa is not being addressed by anybody in the party.  But the senior leaders are definitely worried about it.  Eshwarappa keeps absenting himself from important meetings including the Core Committee meeting.  He has a ready reason for it though.  Even when he attends meetings he is distracted and is half-hearted.  While the other BJP leaders are supporting Yeddyurappa, for Eshwarappa it is difficult to be supportive hundred per cent.

Eshwarappa knew very well that the Core Committee meeting was scheduled for Friday. Yet he travelled to Shimoga on Thursday night. He gave a reason that he had prior engagements.  Eshwarappa had established the Sangolli Rayanna Brigade and registered his dissent. Eventually he dissolved it as per BJP national president Amit Shah’s instructions. However, he complained to his close associates that he was not being given respect and importance like before and major decisions are being taken without consulting him, though he has been given the responsibility of Backward classes Morcha he is not being supported to conduct independent conventions.

There is also a dispute with regard to giving him ticket from Shimoga and later Amit Shah himself assured him of the ticket yet Eshwarappa is not satisfied.  Though national leaders gave him the ticket, he suspects the local leaders may work against him and defeat him, sources say.

However, Yeddyurappa’s close associates do not agree with this. They say Eshwarappa is informed of all meetings and programs but he is absenting himself  by giving some or the other reason. He attends only when it is too inevitable.  All major issues are being discussed with everybody. After handing over the responsibility of Backward Morcha to him nobody is interfering in this.  But if Eshwarappa becomes inactive what can be done? they ask.