In a grim reminder of the gun culture of notorious killers of Bheema river, a murderous attack was made on a police officer when he went to raid a house of rowdy Dharmaraj Chadachana for illegally possessing firearms Konkangaon in Indi taluk, Vijayapura district on Monday morning.

While Dharamarj has been killed, the police officer Gopal Hullur has been admitted to the hospital.

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According to Suvarna News, a police team led by police sub-inspector Gopal Hallur raided the house of rowdy Dharamaraj Chadachana after they were tipped-off about him possessing illegal arms and weapons.

When the police began firing, Dharmaraj reportedly fired at the officer Gopal injuring him badly. However, Dharmaraj was killed in the firing. It is reported that Dharmaraj was accused in a murder case and had recently come out on bail. 

The superintendent of police Kuldeep Kumar Jain has rushed to the spot and are gathering details.