MP Dr Subrahmaniyan Swamy has expressed his confidence that the next Deepawali in 2018 will be celebrated in Ayodhya Ram Mandir, reported Suvarana News. Speaking at the Kodava National day celebrations at Madikeri, organised by CNC on Sunday, Swamy said Mosques can be constructed anywhere but Ram Mandir must be constructed at the birth place of Rama as it is a sentimental issue for Hindus.

Mosques can be constructed anywhere in India. However the Muslim Country Saudi Arabia administration has vacated several mosques from public places. It is a tragedy that such an action cannot be taken in India, he said.  Babar who came from Afghanisthan constructed the mosque and the Archaeology Department has confirmed that there are Rama Mandir foundation below the mosque Swamy said.

Muslims ruled the country for 800 years and Christains ruled for 200 years. But still the country ha s80 per cent Hindsu proving that Hindu religion is strong. When Hindus and Muslims’ DNAs were tested it was proven that both the DNAs are same. They are all originally Indians. Christianity and Islamic religions preach their religions but only Hindu religion says respect all religions. Seetha in Ramayana and Droupadi in Mahabharatha are ideal women and Hindu women are equal to men, Dr Swamy said.