Shivarajkumar’s Bangaara S/O Bangaarada Manushya is all set for a grand release on May 19. The story is based on the iconic Dr Rajkumar starred ‘Bangaarada Manushya’ (1972), which had important topics like rural development, modern agricultural practices and the then raging farmers’ co-operative movement. A 35 feet high cutout of the lead actor Shivarajkumar and his father and the lead actor of Bangaarada Manushya, late Dr Rajkumar is being placed in a theatre in K G Road, making it the tallest cut out in Sandalwood history. 

Bangaarada Manushya had a central theme of a well-educated city lad returning to his ancestral and taking up farming. The movie was inspiring with songs like ‘Nagu Naguta Nali’ and ‘Aagdu Endu’ becoming anthems back in the day. The film subtly portrays the importance of scientific farming when Dr Rajkumar’s character Rajiv turns a 25-acre barren land into a fertile one. 

The film had such a tremendous impact on the masses back then that many city youths left their jobs and went back to their ancestral villages to take up farming. 
But this was forty-five years ago. How much of an effect does the film have on the youth of the 21st century?

“Although the movie released at a time when my father was as old as I am today, it still left a deep impression on me,’ said Raghavendra R Kumar, an agriculturist who grows silk and is into mixed farming. “I was born and raised in Bengaluru. I am a diploma holder and had a brilliant job. But I left everything behind, bought a farm in Nanjangudu, and now I grow crops and silk. It is hard work. But I am happy with what I do.”

Raghavendra has a diploma in electronics and communications from SJP Polytechnic.

“My father B S Rajkumar who is a namesake and also a big fan of annavaru, also helps me on the farm.”

The Sandalwood stalwart’s film will continue to be an inspiration for the younger generations for years to come.