BJP leaders Jagadish Shettar and others showed the copy of Kannada Prabha newspaper and its report on the diarygate, which accused the Congress leaders of paying a huge sum of money to their High Command as donations.


Some days ago, BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa accused the Congress party leaders in the state of paying donations in corers to their high command on the basis of a diary found at one of the Congress leader’s  (Govindaraju) house during an Income Tax raid.


However, Govindaraju has said that the diary did not belong to him. But the Opposition, especially BJP is staying put and is demanding a discussion on this diarygate.


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Interestingly, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, K B Kolivada, initially announced that he would give time to discuss the diarygate. But within minutes he changed his mind and told that this issue doesn’t come in the purview of the session. Thus it would be wrong to discuss such a thing in the assembly session.


This stand of the Speaker angered the BJP leader. In fact, when former CM and BJP leader Jagadish Shettar tried to bring up the dairy issue, the Speaker told that it was not an issue with public viewpoint and he would allow the leaders to speak about it some other time.



But ignoring this, Shettar tried to speak about the matter, when Congress leader TB Jayachandra reminded the BJP leaders of Sahara scam where the Supreme Court had said that the details written in an account book cannot be considered as the proof for the misappropriation in the case. Laughing over it, Shettar said that he had not even mentioned the diarygate directly and the Congress was already justifying itself. However, Health and Family Welfare Minister Ramesh Kumar seconded what Minister Jayachandra had said.


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Shettar was still adamant on the discussion and said that he was going ahead with his questions on diarygate as the Speaker had allowed time for discussion on the same. At this point, Speaker Koliwada intervened and said that he also has the right to change his rulings and said, what Jayachandra said is true and that he did not think it was an important discussion.



Furious over Speaker’s stand, Shettar and other BJP leaders walked to the well of the Assembly and started shouting slogans against Congress, showing the copy of Kannada Prabha. Govinda, Govinda, Govinda (usually shouted out while taking out a funeral ceremony) written in the Kannada Prabha newspaper for the diarygate scam report became their slogan.


The BJP leaders resumed sloganeering even after lunch hour. The leaders said that they would continue to fight for discussion on the diarygate.