The 15 elephants and 21 horses that will be a part of the Dasara procession contingent are under intense training as Dasara nears. They are being made to get used to the cannon sounds as part of the training. However, during their drill on Friday, a few animals were agitated. Scared, they tried to run away. 

At least 12 shots were fired to help the jumbos to get acclimatised for the canon sounds during the Dasara procession. However, as the canons were fired, Prashantha, Gopalaswamy, Drona and Vijaya were scared and wanted to run away, while rest of the elephants stood like a rock solid. However, later, they were bound by chains to a nearby tree. One horse that was scared at the sound ran away at the end of the firing training and kicked the car door of DCP N Vishnuvardhan, badly damaging it.